FHT Energy Management And Psychic Development

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Small Classes

Duration: One-day workshop. Optional one-to-one session included in the afternoon.

Time – 10am-4pm.

Level 1 Dates:

Saturday 11th Feb 2024-5 places left.

Advanced Level 2 Dates:

4th February- Clondalkin , Dublin.

Saturday 23rd March 2024. Virginia, Cavan.

Please get in touch if you have not done level 1 , as you might have enough experience from other therapies to do this level.


European College of Reflexology and Massage, Main Street, Virginia, Co. Cavan

Course Accreditation

  •  Certificate of Attendance. FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapy) accredited and certified.

Energy Management level 1

FHT approved short course.
I started teaching Energy Management because when I was training, over 20 years ago, to be a Psychotherapist, Hypnotist and a Specialist in NLP no one mentioned the effect that energy has on your well-being or any protocol for dealing with spirit.
It was only through experience and many headaches, sickness and stress that I realised that I was taking on energy that was not mine.
I could also see spirits from a very early age but thought that everyone could as it was normal for me.
Its vital to protect you and the person you are in close contact with.
This is in all walks of life from shop assistants, hair dressers, beauty consultants, therapists of all kinds, people you work with & of course your family.
Once you work with energy it is fluid and does transfer.
I can teach you different techniques to use to protect your energy, read energy and change it.
I use many different techniques one of the most powerful is the ancient natural magic of the pendulum.
🤔 Did you known that pendulum dowsing has been around for thousands of years?
🤯  You can use a pendulum to energise a work space, clear energy that might be blocking charka points throughout the body, protect tarot cards & find lost objects using a map.
I use pendulums when running my Energy Management course.
I have a selection of pendulums, one for each student.
Before I meet my class, I take each pendulum and hold it over each students name on their cert.
Every time the pendulum will stop over the name it is drawn to.
Then as I hand them out, each students pendulum will have a very powerful energy attachment to them.
As we go through the chakras, the pendulums color is associated to a particular charka, during the course, that particular charka will be blocked.
I never suggest this, it naturally unfolds as the day progresses.
Whether you believe it’s divine intervention that provides guidance, energy from your own aura, or gravity.
The fact that the pendulum clears and calms the body, mind & spirit is what matters.
The fact that this ancient art works, in my opinion, is a natural magic in our modern times.
💥 Do you want to learn how to control your own energy?
💥 Did you ever wonder why being around certain people
can leave you drained, maybe with a severe headache?
💥 Do you want to know how to use tools such as pendulums, divine rods & the Tibetan singing bowl to sense your energy and hear its vibration ?
💥 Learn how to safely connect and disconnect when working with others.
💥 Would you like to experience hypnosis and a personal session with me?
This course is limited in numbers due to private sessions in the afternoon with each student.

Love & light Sharon

Other Benefits of Energy Management part 1:

  • Learning to control your mind
  • What is energy?
  • How to feel your aura
  • Grounding techniques
  • Pendulum dowsing
  • Protecting your energy
  • Relaxation
  • Emotional awareness
  • Self-Hypnosis
  • Becoming aware of the power you have to change your life
  • Understanding the power of words…
  • Phobias & anxieties
  • Remembering how to be calm and at peace…
  • Behaviours can be changed through Hypnosis


€150- €50 Deposit can be taken via our website or Paypal ([email protected]).

Course Fees

  • All tuition fees (demonstrations)
  • Course workbook

Course Content

  • Theory

Lunch 12AM – 1PM

  • Positive resources
  • How does your mind work
  • Practical demonstration. Pendulum .
  • Phobias & Anxieties
  • Guided Trance Meditation
  • Psychic development and grounding techniques. Feeling energy and auras
  • One to one hypnosis session.


Energy Management – Level 2

This course will further develop your connection to your higher self, spirit guides, animal guides and angels.

  • Dream analysis
  • Past Life regression using guided hypnosis
  • Karma clearance and understanding.
  • Connect to and read tarot cards and angel cards.

Cost – €150

Time – 10AM – 4PM

Psychic Development and Mediumship Course.

Sunday, 25th May 2024.

We all are born with a 6th sense.

  • Learn how to explore and tap into your natural abilities.
  • Learn the ancient art of tea leaf reading.
  • Learn to sense energy off jewelry.
  • What can a picture tell you intuitively? Photo reading.
  • What are your Clair senses?
  • Learn how to connect to your psychic guide to develop your ability further.
  • Scrying ( ancient art of second sight , through surface reflection)
  • Mediumship

Cost – €150

Time – 10AM – 4PM

Book on link below and email [email protected] to indicate the course that you booked.

“This is honestly the best course I have ever done, I went today not knowing what to expect but you truly exceeded my expectations. It was just what I needed and I left this afternoon like a new person, you have a wonderful gift and I can’t thank you enough for the experience, help and of course the laughter we shared as a group. You will not be disappointed if you do this course”.
“A wonderful day. Enjoyed every single moment of it. Would highly recommend this course. A lovely group and lots of laughter”.
“Had and amazing course with Sharon, her energy was amazing and so easy to talk to. I learned alot more than expected to be honest. I totally enjoyed my one to one session, so much so that I have booked some private sessions. I came away from my course feeling, great, positive.. Thank you Sharon”
" I have been attending hypnosis sessions with Sharon since I was in my early 20’s. Initially it was for help with studying for the professional law exams. Hypnosis helped me pass all of my exams and qualify as a Barrister. Hypnosis has also helped me overcome panic attacks, quit smoking and drug use and in dealing with a family bereavement and all the fall-out stemming from that. I use self hypnosis everyday and would recommend it as an amazing tool for anyone looking to live a happy and stress free life "

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