The Crystal Therapy Course

Next Course Date 30th and 31st March (Virginia,Cavan).

Clondalkin, Dublin Course in February Postponed, new date will be confirmed)

After a lot of research I managed to condense the 16 core elements of Crystal Therapy into 2 modules. The course runs over two days from 10am- 4pm.

Course Modules:


Module 1 – Saturday:

  • How crystal healing works- terminology and crystal attributes, the history of crystals.
  • Crystal structures- Crystal shapes and growth, healing properties, crystal systems, colours and what they mean.
  • How to clear and cleanse stones, activate and awaken.
  • How to program your crystal
  • Techniques for crystal attunement-practical session.
  • Grounding , centring and storing your stones
  • Respecting and honouring crystals
  • The most common stones and their properties/uses/benefits (approx. 25-30 crystals)
  • Using crystals to repair energy blockages/leaks
  • Using crystals for each of the chakras
  • Using crystals with other therapies (massage/reiki etc)
  • Safety/precautions when working with children/vulnerable adults/ frail clients)


Module 2 – Sunday
Crystal Techniques:

  • Grids/layouts- for karmic release and past life healing
  • Self healing using crystal grids
  • Energising/charging a crystal grid
  • Position/placement of crystal grids
  • Quartz techniques for healing
  • Crystals and the relationship with organs in the body.
  • Balancing technique using crystals (circulatory, nervous and lymphatic system)
  • Laser wand- techniques and uses
  • Amplification- using quartz crystals
  • How to use crystal elixirs- safely
  • How to create crystal elixirs (water etc)
  • Using crystals when meditating
  • Energetic safety and ethics/conduct
  • Contra indications/when not to use crystals
  • The healing crisis in relation to crystals.
  • How to prepare for a crystal therapy session
  • Clients information sheet and records
  • Sequence of work for practical crystal therapy session.

The day will be divided into a morning theory session and a practical afternoon session. Each person will practice using the crystals, making grids, energy cleansing, making elixirs ( we will have sterile jars/glass cups to use). Crystal positioning and experiencing the many different crystals you will have studied in the morning session.



  • 15 multiple choice questions ( completed before the practical session and gone over by the teacher, nothing to worry about I promise)
  • 2 case studies ( completed in the practical sessions)
  • 1 crystal use observation.


Course Accreditation

  • The Crystal Therapy Course is accredited by the FHT ( Federation of Holistic Therapists) short courses.

FHT Certificates are issued on the same day.


Course Fees

Course Cost is €300 for the two days training ( €150 per day). Please note that you must attend the two days to obtain your certificate.

Course deposit of €50 can be paid by Paypal ([email protected]) or by revolut 0863864927.

The course is very unique and currently not delivered in Ireland in this 2 day format with FHT accreditation. We are one of the first and only providers. We are delighted to be bringing such an exciting course to you.

Please get in touch if you have any questions email: [email protected]

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