Your end of year exams will be in May. They will consist of 3 theory exams and one practical exam. The theory exams are multiple choice questions and sealed prior to the examine. ITEC exam board supplies the papers and sets the questions . Exams take place in a formal setting with an external supervisor.

Theory Exams:

Anatomy and physiology – 50 questions pass mark 50%. Mandatory.

Professional conduct and business awareness – 50 Questions pass mark 60%. Mandatory.

Holistic Massage paper- 50 questions pass mark 60%. Mandatory.

Practical Exam

Practical exam is 1 hour and assessed by an ITEC examiner. 60% pass mark.

Case studies- Mandatory

5 clients must be treated 4 times and findings recorded and presented for external examiner.

Students successful in all areas will receive their Diplomas.

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